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Greenleaf Contractors Ltd, trading as Ashrose Group (Northern)

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Sand Blasting

Greenleaf Contractors Ltd was formed in 2000, initially as a 'Farrow System' franchise.

We specialise in surface preparation and cleaning services, which include blast cleaning, sand (grit) blasting, pressure washing, High Pressure (500bar) and Ultra High Pressure (2500+ bar) water blasting, chemical cleaning and steam cleaning services. We also offer post blast cleaning services such as priming and painting including on-site Galvanising using Zinga, and products such as Moisture Curing Urethanes, and stone and brick sealing using Silane and Anti Graffiti products.

If you are looking for a local or nationwide contractor specialising in surface preparation including blast and sand blasting services, pressure washing, chemical stripping and steam cleaning we can help. We cover a wide geographic area including the whole of Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, regularly working in northern cities and towns such as Leeds, Bradford, Newcastle, Sheffield, Hull, York & Lincoln. But the nature of the Industry means that it is entirely normal for us to need to travel to do work, and in the past year we have also travelled as far as Edinburgh, Anglesey, Newbury, Southampton, Somerset, London and Kent.

As members of the Ashrose Group nationwide coverage can be arranged. In 2002, along with three other ex-franchisees, we split with the 'Farrow System' and formed the Ashrose Group, a co-operative of companies offering similar low pressure sand jet cleaning services across the United Kingdom.

Since the placing of Farrow System Ltd in Administration on 22nd January 2008 we have been contacted by a number of users and suppliers looking for a source and outlet for Machines & Parts. We can find parts, second hand machines, and can price similar machines as well. We can also (and have done!) provide advice and training in the art of setting up and using these machines. We can run specialist training courses in these machines, either at our premises, at yours, or even on site - this can be tailored to suit the applications you have for your machine. It is even possible to hire a replacement machine from us to keep you going while your machine is under the doctor!

While we specialise in damp sand blasting and other sand or grit blasting applications there are applications where other techniques might be more suitable, not only will we admit this (!) but where possible we will try to find you an alternative and solve your challenge.

In recent years we have started to provide Dry Ice Blasting services, but then have moved onto High Pressure (to 500bar) Water Jet Cleaning, and from that onto Ultra High Pressure (2500bar) Water jet cleaning - typically using this to remove playground markings - which makes up a significant amount of our work - particularly during the school holidays.  

In 2002 we started to use Zinga as a suitable primer for slurry blasted steel, this product provides a similar (or improved) protection as Hot Dip Galvanising effectively allowing On Site Galvanising. In early 2004 Greenleaf Contractors was approved as a Zinga UK Applicator.

A few years later and we discovered the delights of Moisture Curing Urethane primers and paints - just what we had been looking for as a complement to Zinga and to damp, slurry blasted steel. Trident Coatings are our supplier of choice. These paints are particularly suited to Blasting and painting in the United Kingdom - coping with foggy days where the humidity is high, bright sunny days, and indeed the depths of winter - we first used Moisture Curing Urethanes for a set of farm buildings with Snow all around.

Since the formation of the Ashrose Group, there has been some diversification, and additional services are now offered by Greenleaf Contractors and more details can be found within this, our Company Specific, website.

Our Facebook presence tries to keep photos and discussion of more current projects in the public eye... and you may discover, this website is large, wordy and becoming tricky to keep current!

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