Spare Parts and Machines

Support, and reassurance!

Since the demise of Farrow System Ltd several people have approached us for spare parts, training - and help; We have been using these machines for nearly 18 years, and much of this time I have been diagnosing problems over the 'phone as they happen on site - and my employees 'phone in asking for help; As a result of this I can often diagnose the fault and at least tell you where to start looking, whether the problem might be solved in-situ, work rounds, or whether it is a job stop type issue.


A Mark 1 machine in for repair and overhaul

Fault Finding & Spare Parts

While I am entirely happy to try to help, it is appreciated if you to 'phone the office number (01482 870272), or mobile (07823 776569) rather than one of my free-phone numbers, and please be aware that if I too am out of the office, my 'phone is diverted to the mobile, and that diversion costs me money too. Therefore it is is probably best if you try the mobile number first - that being said, if I can help you, I will!

This pair of machines were piggybacked together as a sort of 'Farrow System Heart Lung Machine' - in an attempt to diagnose the regulator problem with the machine on the left1

Other factors worth mentioning

  • It is generally far quicker to solve the problem if you are with your machine and it is showing the symptoms rather than trying to discuss possible and theoretical solutions on a distant machine.
  • Problem solving on a Sunday afternoon, when both of us might have an early start with a critical job on the Monday morning is a recipe for disaster - if you think you have a problem on the Friday - phone on the Friday - some suppliers and the post office work on Saturdays - and the Sunday might be available for long distance driving!
  • It also takes a brave user (like a recent call) to discuss the problem on the Friday, but not to actually try my proposed solution until on site on the Monday morning!
  • We can source all the parts of the machines (and sometimes cheaper more capable alternatives)- although some are harder to come by than others, those that go wrong relatively often we try to hold as stock items.
  • Mr Farrow used several compressor suppliers, I am not an expert diesel compressor engineer - I use local experts for that sort of work, so problems with compressors will probably elicit recommendations to talk to your local plant repair engineers. I might be able to provide guidance, and possibly source some Compair and maybe Ingersoll Rand parts and at long last I know a man who can probably get Airman Compressor parts. It is typical that someone in my customer base solves the problem and I may be able to point you in the right direction!
  • I need to emphasis that due to their complexity and the liberal coating of sand and water that these machines suffer, it isn't uncommon for a fault to re-occur after service (WIWA pumps are particularly prone for this) or the real fault only revealing itself once a symptom has been cured. I will honestly try my best! I have even been known to loan a spare machine or parts while we work to fix a customer's.


New and Second Hand Machines

We can offer advice on and source new machines and sometimes even second hand machines. This can be a bare bones blast pot, blast pot and control panel, or indeed a full blown, trailer mounted machine with compressor.


A second hand Mk 1 machine, in Beverley, refurbished and resold October 2009, it has subsequently been re-sold at least twice!

A replacement blast pot on its shippling pallet - heading out to a customer on the other side of the Empire (Liverpool!) to replace his one that had been 'slighltly' overpressurised!