Boat Cleaning

Whitby Boat

A Partially Cleaned Motor Yacht in Whitby June 2002 - Note the sheeting applied to the hull - almost always requested by a marina, this sheeting doesn't make for good photographs! It also makes for complicated blasting - and our technique now, where possible, is to sheet over neighbouring boats. This gives good access to the boat we are actually cleaning and actually reduces the spread of the abrasive (because the sheeting forces the abrasive upwards!)

GRP - Glass Reinforced Plastic

A data sheet on our boat cleaning services, a suitable summary for printing is available in PDF format, here

We specialise in using a low pressure sand jetting system that has been used nationwide for boat cleaning.

The system, in our trained hands, causes minimal damage to an underlying surface and is flexible enough to tackle most boat cleaning tasks.

The low pressure sand jet can clean GRP (see this additional page of photos and discussion on GRP - as sometimes the GRP can come up lovely and clean, sometimes it doesn't - it depends on what someone has painted / plastered on top of the surface!) and wood with minimal surface damage, at the same time, the 'damp' system also captures dirt, paint, and abrasive, preventing the health and safety risks associated with dry blasting.

A further advantage of the system we use is that it also uses far less abrasive than traditional techniques, making expensive abrasives cost effective, but more significantly reducing waste. Abrasive does not need to be recycled, preventing cross contamination between jobs, and apart from in specialist cases, is not a major part of the running costs.

A Motor Yacht in Hull Marina

Grimsby Boat

Grimsby Boat After

Hardwood Boats

Hardwood is almost the perfect substrate to remove paint from. This motor yacht is made of teak, and was cleaned in Whitby in June 2002. The brief was to remove all paint and anti-foul from below the waterline, and key the paint above the waterline for repainting.

Skylark After

Softwood Boats

Pine Boat

A Pitch Pine boat, in Lincolnshire - 2009.

Pine Boat After

Steel Boats

Florence Before

Steel yachts can obviously be treated like any other steel cleaning project. In this case the boat was painted (by the customer) using Zinga

Florence After

Key Benefits

  • The low pressures mean that the system is gentle enough to clean delicate surfaces, yet powerful enough to strip multiple layers of paint in one pass.
  • It is not a chemical process so no noxious or harmful slurries or fumes are generated.
  • As it uses only minimal amounts of water and abrasive the system will cause minimal mess around a marina yard; Considerably less mess than other systems
  • Can strip paint down to, and stop at, a gel-coat layer.
  • Fine on hardwood, but may raise grain on softwood