Pressure Washing

Listed Buildings

A data sheet on our Pressurised Water cleaning services, a suitable summary for printing is available in PDF format, here

We specialise in using a low pressure sand jetting system that has been used nationwide for property restoration, including gaining approval for and subsequently working on many Listed Buildings. The system, in our trained hands, causes minimal damage to an underlying surface and is flexible enough to tackle most property restoration cleaning tasks. The low pressure sand jet can clean surfaces without injecting large quantities of water into the surface, and with minimal surface damage, at the same time, the 'damp' system also captures dirt and abrasive, preventing the health and safety risks associated with dry blasting.

That being so, there are times when pressure washing is an acceptable alternative. It is certainly cheaper, and can be quite effective for surface contaminants such as algae and grime. Subsequent cleaning with the sand jet can remove stubborn stains. We have electric, petrol and diesel powered machines, and the big diesel machine will also generate high pressure hot water and steam.

This was the listed grade II Hull City Temple on Hessle road, Hull. - hot water / steam washed in the 2016. We would still have preferred to use the sand jet on this project! Particularly as we had proposed and demonstrated that machine for both previous owners!

Industrial Buildings

A typical requirement is to clean down and de-dust industrial buildings post occupation - when they are being handed back to their landlords. This was a large warehouse near Selby that had had a sizeable woodworking factory inside - the horizontal surfaces were covered in sawdust, the vertical surfaces with standard 'traffic film' from lots of forklift and machinery operations inside the factory.

Commercial Buildings

This was the new headquarters of a building company in Derbyshire - and an ex-HMRC building. We cleaned the bricks all round, removed the weep marks below the windows (which we had to bring the sand jet in to do the more stubborn ones) and washed the entire car park as well - which was about 2 inches deep in moss when the job started.


A fairly tall building in the middle of Bradford - I think also some form of government building- hot water washed June 2006

Block Paving and Decking

Block Paving, can be cleaned with the Low Pressure Jet, but a rotary head on a pressure washer can also be very effective. Steam is particularly effective on chewing gum

Decking cleaned - this can brighten up and remove slippery algae from wood - but it can be aggressive and can't be done indefinitely - each pass does remove some wood.

Key Benefits

  • Pressure Washing is cost effective compared to other techniques
  • Our machines allow variable temperature and pressures - to allow flexibility.
  • Cleaning to the requirements of BS 8221-1&2 :2000 the British Standard Code of Practice for Cleaning and Surface repair of buildings.
  • Quick & Efficient Chewing Gum removal