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Large industrial building with brickwork and black render

Experienced stone and brick cleaning specialists

Ensure your brick walls and surfaces look their best, with the support of Greenleaf Contractors Ltd. Get in touch for a competitive quotation.

Stone & Brick Cleaning: Welcome
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Bring out the best in your stone and brickwork

Whether due to vandalism, grime or layers upon layers of old paint, your brick and stone walls can easily bring down the look of a property. Greenleaf Contractors offer a comprehensive brick and stone cleaning service, designed to rescue the original colour and appearance of your walls.

We clean stone with a variety of methods, from superheated steam (DOFF type techniques) or sand jetting, through to sandblasting or grit blasting, and up to high pressure water should you desire it. We can clean your natural stone, and even remove layers of paint, uncovering the original surface beneath. Post treatment we can seal the surface to prevent discolouration in the future.

We typically work in Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire, but regularly travel throughout the country including London, Derby, Newcastle and Scotland. You can also come to us for pressure washing.

Stone & Brick Cleaning: About Us

Why make us your first choice?

  • We’ve been in the trade since 2000

  • Our equipment removes dirt and paint, without damaging your surfaces

  • We have equipment ideal for indoor and outdoor projects

  • We work with domestic and commercial customers

  • Our work meets BS 8221-1: 2000 and 8221-2: 2000 standards

  • Minimal mess produced by our equipment

Brick arch around a home front door

Maintain your new look

As well as restoring the look of your stone and brickwork, we can also help you keep it looking better for longer. We can seal the surface to prevent discolouration in the future, and protect your surfaces from the elements.

brick cleaning

Not sure what you need?

If you are unsure as to which equipment is needed, there’s no need to worry. Our experienced team can attend your site and assess the level of dirt or paint we’d need to cut through. We will then recommend the ideal solution

Partially cleaned brick wall
Stone & Brick Cleaning: Services
Sand Blasting, lots of dust

For effective brick cleaning services message Greenleaf Contractors today

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Stone & Brick Cleaning: Price Quote
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