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How Does Sandblasting Actually Work?

Sandblasting is a technique which is used to help clean and prepare various surfaces from dirt, debris, rust and paint. It can be particularly effective when trying to remove old or stubborn materials which cannot be cleaned using other methods.


The way sandblasting services work is by using compressed air to direct fine grit materials at a surface at incredibly high speeds. The abrasive materials essentially chip and scratch off the dirt and debris from the surface, leaving it clean and looking brand new again.


Sandblasting doesn’t only use sand, as the name suggests. There are several other abrasive materials which can be used with the pressurised air such as glass and grit.


Before sandblasting, the surface being treated should be prepared by cleaning off any loose debris and surface dirt which can be removed to allow the sandblasting to be as effective as possible.


The type of abrasive material used in the process will vary depending on the desired result and the material the surface being treated is made from. Some grits may be too abrasive for certain materials, therefore selecting the right one is important to prevent damage.


Sandblasting requires safety precautions. Due to the use of fine, abrasive materials and pressurised air there is room for accident and injury when using this method. Wearing the correct PPE is essential to prevent any harm while treating surfaces.


This includes wearing safety goggles, respirators and masks and protective clothing such as gloves and correct workwear to prevent any inhalation of the materials and to prevent them from damaging the skin or eyes.


It is also important to protect the surrounding area as well, as the abrasive materials used may contaminate or damage the surrounding environment. Sandblasting is usually done in an enclosed or covered area to help prevent this.

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