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How New Markings Can Enhance School Playgrounds

Schools can enhance students’ freetime simply by changing their playground markings, which can encourage physical activity, improve social interactions between pupils, and boost cognitive learning. 

Although sand jetting old markings from the floor and replacing them with new ones seems like a simple idea, it can have a positive impact on children.

For instance, it could encourage them to take part in exercise and other physical activities during playtime, helping to reduce incidences of childhood obesity. 

It could also stimulate social, emotional and communication skills among kids who were kept isolated from their peers during the pandemic when they should have been fostering connections and learning basic social rules. 

Playground markings also reinforce learning that takes place in the classroom, helping children who struggle with traditional school settings to reach their full potential. 

They also encourage inclusivity, as they improve the setting of the playground, which should be a truly inclusive environment for all students. As opposed to certain play equipment, markings are accessible to everyone, including pupils with disabilities. 

It also stimulates imagination and creativity, allowing students to come up with their own games to play during breaktime. 

In addition to adding new, brightly-coloured markings to the playground, schools might want to introduce better equipment. 

This encourages children to enjoy being outdoors, playing alongside or with their peers, using up energy so they can be more focused during lesson time, and being able to let off steam in between classes. 

It is also worth updating school playground equipment from older models, as modern climbing frames, trim trails and swings comply with the latest safety standards. Therefore, there is less chance of accidents occuring during breaktime. 

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