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The Benefits Of Dry Ice Blasting As A Stain Remover

Dry ice blasting is becoming an increasingly popular method of removing stubborn stains from exterior surfaces for many reasons. To find out more about this alternative stain remover, read on. 

What is dry ice blasting?

This procedure involves treating an area with solid carbon dioxide particles, which then turns into gas. The thermal shock helps to clean the surface, removing the marks through the abrasion technique. 

What are the benefits of dry ice blasting?

While there are other reputable methods of getting rid of stubborn stains, dry blast cleaning has a number of advantages.

For instance, it does not produce as much dust as other techniques. Therefore, it does not create additional debris, such as water, that then has to be cleared up. 

Once the dry ice has been used, it turns into carbon dioxide. Therefore, the gas disappears into the atmosphere, which means there is no waste to sort out.

It also does not result in surface damage, as its abrasion evaporates on impact. Therefore, only the debris, whether it is rust, grease or paint, that needs to be removed will be extracted from the object, instead of other particles. 

Another advantage is that it is considerably faster than alternative methods. This is partly because it does not require the object to be taken apart to really get into the nooks and crannies of the surface area. 

This makes it useful for cleaning electronic components, and painting equipment, as well as being used to remove mould. 

Its ability to clean hard-to-reach areas means users can expect a really thorough clean, which is why it is gaining popularity as a good-quality surface cleaner.

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