Line Marking Removal

Road Line Removal

A data sheet on our line marking removal services, a suitable summary for printing is available in PDF format, here

We specialise in using a low pressure sand jetting system. This 'damp' system captures line marking material, dirt and abrasive, preventing the health and safety risks associated with dry blasting, and with none of the toxic fumes and thick smoke of burning the material off. We can also offer Ultra High Pressure Water blasting line marking removal. For speed, UHP water jet removal is probably the route forward

For Cost.. and for small jobs the Sand Jet wins.

Sand Jet Cleaning

For accuracy and delicacy - the Sand jet is extremely effective. UHP is something of a blunt instrument - particularly as the workface can't be seen - and the 'cut' is typically 20cm wide. This does mean that the sand jet can remove one set of overlapping markings, and leave the other set intact.

So on a job like this - removal of this pedestrian crossing outside a new Aldi in Doncaster - the Sand jet was, probably, the correct tool.

Probably... because having to do the job outside shop hours meant starting at 4:30pm on a Sunday... and Louis didn't get finished until around midnight!

but the next morning the crossing had been removed and is almost invisible as to where it was - none of that melted plastic you get with burning off marks.



The Process

Yellow Lines

The sand jet can clean road markings from concrete (including textured concrete), brick paviours, paving slabs, tarmac and even wooden road surfaces (there are a few of these in Yorkshire!)

Playground Markings


School playground markings a speciality, whether you need the lines replacing, or the whole painted surface returned to a non-slip tarmac condition!

hopscotch 2

More Playground Markings

Wembley 1

White lines being removed from a playground in Wembley - London, Spring 2013 - note debris fallout - removed in the picture below with a road sweeper.

Wembley After

We are using a black abrasive, all the white material on the car park is the removed white lines! This is easily, and most cost effectively swept up by a standard road sweeper.

Fixing 'melted thermoplastic' issues

This was a job in Nottingham where an industrial estate, fed up with parked cars, had put double yellow lines around the entry road, to the Highway's department's fury - and had to have them removed.

The white line contractor had burned the markings off - but this is never very successful on concrete - and we were requested to clean up the residue.


Key Benefits

  • The low pressures mean that the system is gentle enough to clean delicate surfaces, yet powerful enough to strip multiple layers of paint in one pass.
  • It is not a chemical process so no noxious or harmful slurries or fumes are generated.
  • As it uses only minimal amounts of water and abrasive the system is regularly used indoors.
  • It will easily remove line markings for forklift bays etc., and key epoxy screed surfaces for new coatings.
  • The jet is accurate enough that we can remove one set of overlapping markings - leaving the other intact.