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Sand Jet cleaning contractors that leave no damage

If you require an effective, low fuss solution for grit or sand blasting surfaces, speak to the team at Greenleaf Contractors Ltd.  Unlike other companies, we take great care to ensure our blasting work leaves no damage. We’re always happy to offer a competitive quote on our services.

Sandblasting: Welcome
Shot blaster being used on a large trailer

Benefit from over 20 years' expertise today

Greenleaf Contractors are dedicated and experienced sandblasting specialists. We specialise in using a low pressure sand jetting system, which is commonly used nationwide for property restoration, including on listed building and other heritage projects. The system, in our trained hands, causes minimal damage to an underlying surface and is flexible enough to tackle most property restoration cleaning tasks.

At Greenleaf Contractors we can use both wet/damp and dry sandblasting techniques. Both have their advantages and disadvantages: our team will always recommend the most suitable medium for your project.

Our team has worked on projects big and small since we started back in 2000, and have built up an enviable reputation for quality and professionalism. In addition to sandblasting, we also provide training and technical support for clients with Farrow System equipment.

Sandblasting: About Us

Our experts can sandblast:

  • Wooden beams

  • Dirty stone/brickwork

  • Painted stone/brickwork

  • Metal

  • Fireplace surrounds

  • Graffiti

  • Fire damaged surfaces

We can also treat areas contaminated by paint, including lead paint, with our grit and sand blasting work.

half sand jet cleaning

A whole host of alternative solutions

Sandblasting is just one tool in our arsenal. We can provide a whole host of additional medium and blasting services. From effective dry ice blasting to the latest in laser cleaning, you can count on us to offer the right solution for every project.

arched sand cleaned

We can also handle spray foam insulation

Many homes have been treated with spray-foam insulation. Whilst it can help insulate your home, it can cause other problems, such as making it impossible to assess the condition of wood beams. This can have a huge impact if you are looking to get a mortgage/remortgage. We can blast away the insulation, revealing the original wood beams underneath.

We can also remove it by hand: this is recommended if the property is continuously occupied, or you only need to remove a part of the insulation.

clean loft beams

Ideal for metal structures and components

Our services are also suitable for a range of commercial and industrial applications. We are fully equipped to blast and prime metal structures such as warehouses, steel beam roofs and oil tanks, as well as machinery components. Our work allows you to prevent corrosion, and remove any corrosion that has started to take hold.

Large metal turbine
Sandblasting: Services
Sand Blasting, lots of dust

Hire established sandblasting contractors. We cover the UK.

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