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Paint stripping

Superheated steam cleaning

Superheated steam cleaning (sometimes specified as DOFF ™)  services are great for a range of exterior surfaces. Get in touch for a competitive quotation. We work  across the UK.

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concrete cleaning

Low pressure, superheated steam cleaning

Our machines generate superheated, low pressure steam at around 150 degrees centigrade, that is effective at cleaning stone and brick work, and providing a weed killing/mould killing and indeed sterilising surface treatment. In recent months we have used this machine in Lancashire (Bolton), Lincolnshire (Lincoln) and in central Nottingham.  


Although we specialise in using a listed building approved variable pressure sand jetting system which causes minimal damage to an underlying surface and is flexible enough to tackle most property restoration cleaning tasks.


That being so, there are times when using an abrasive system may be more than a substrate can cope with, and low pressure superheated steam may be the answer. It is generally slower, and less messy, and can be quite effective for surface contaminants such as algae and grime. Subsequent cleaning with the sand jet can remove stubborn stains.

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Grime removal

This composting plant in Yorkshire needed something to clean the concrete walls, and ideally kill algae and bacteria in the process! The low pressure steam lance was used to clean the concrete walls.

concrete cleaning

Gentle cleaning

Superheated steam cleaning is gentle – much more so than any abrasive cleaning or pressure washing – it will clean wooden objects with minimal damage to the grain.

Gentle cleaning

Paint stripping

Superheated Steam will strip many paints – in this case stripping paint from old and soft sandstone columns – any form of abrasive cleaning would have caused damage – but note that superheated steam cleaning is extremely slow in comparison to sand jet cleaning,  and surprisingly messy (because it generates flakes of peeled paint).  However it can be speeded up by combining Steam with paint stripping chemicals.

paint stripping
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Sand Blasting, lots of dust

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