Zinga Cold Galvanising

A data sheet on our Zinga cold galvanising services, a suitable summary for printing is available in PDF format, here

Zinga is a one-component cold applied galvanic zinc coating. Its unique formula provides environmentally safe cathodic protection to steel comparable with hot dip galvanising, with the added advantage that it can be applied, on site, like a paint.

Key Benefits

  • Zinga® means on site galvanising is possible. This therefore removes the dismantling and transport costs associated with hot dip galvanising.
  • Due to organic binder, Zinga can exceed lifespan of hot dip Zinc.
  • Zinga does not present any potential hydrogen inducement to load bearing welds therefore there is no danger of cracking. Steel coated with up to 60 um of Zinga does not require the grinding of edges before being welded to x-ray quality.
  • Zinga can be “recharged” at any point in the future, on site, and without re-blasting.
  • Worn or Rusty Galvanising can be also be repaired and re-charged
  • It can be used as a primer in a duplex system and can easily be painted over with a variety of top coats including powder coatings
  • Certified by the UK Ministry of Defence and US Military
  • Certified by the British Board of Agrément (Cert No 03/4047)
  • Greenleaf Contractors are approved Zinga Applicators, approved by Zinga UK in 2004. We offer a mobile blast system that will prepare Steel surfaces to Sa 2.5 / WJ-1 (with a suitable Blast profile Rz 40-60µm, roughness 12.5 to 15µm (ISO8503-1))


These very large oil tanks (a set of 6 of them) were blasted free of rust, then galvanised with Zinga in 2008

Steel Boats

narrow boat before

A steel narrow boat cleaned, Galvanised and Sealed August 2004

narrow zinga

Zinga's Organic Binder can be sensitive to solvents in top coats. Therefore it is advisable, if a top coat is going to be applied (The Zinc provides some anti-foul properties), that the Zinga is sealed using a low solvent or solvent-less product, such as Galvaseal or Alufer.

A completed, blasted, galvanised, sealed narrow-boat

Highways Steelwork

Motorway Crash Barriers Trial - September 2003. White Epoxy paint cleaned & Zinga applied. Worn Galvanising 'Brush Blasted' and Zinga applied.

Zinga applied, and still wet - although one of the major advantages of Zinga is that it flattens off very rapidly - generally within a few minutes, the second coat can be applied within an hour. - but it would be important that the 2nd application was spray applied - as if it were rollered or brushed there would be a risk that the total dry film thickness could be less than the original coat's dft!

More Steel Boats

A steel yacht at Windermere in Autumn 2008

windermere before

After 1st coat of Zinga had been applied , a second coat was applied the next morning (in the dark) and completed just before the forecast rain arrived

windermere after