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When Should A Playground Be Repainted?

Painting and laying markings on a playground is a joyful, creatively fulfilling endeavour, but given the work and expense involved can lead to some schools and community areas waiting too long before deciding to remove the existing markings and starting again.

The best way to paint a playground is with a blank canvas, one that is most easily made available with the help of a sand jetting company that prepares the surface ready for a new coat of paint, but knowing when it is time to make arrangements with a contractor is difficult.

During School Holidays

One of the more self-explanatory pieces of advice is that any repair and maintenance work that is not absolutely essential should be done outside of the school term to minimise disruption for pupils and staff alike.

Conversely, other playgrounds that are being repainted should be done during term time to avoid being closed down during holidays and therefore missing the chance to fill demand.

Look For Telltale Signs

Caretakers and maintenance staff will typically inspect the playground on at least a monthly basis, and this is the best way to figure out the right time to plan and schedule a marking removal.

Typically, the signs that you need to watch for include faded paint (most noticeable on white markings), cracking of thicker paint lines or edges curling upwards.

These are caused by a combination of the intensive use of the playground as well as the inherent exposure to a myriad of weather conditions.


Encourage people using the playground to report damage to the markings when they see it, as well as be conscientious about the shared playing environment to ensure that everyone can enjoy it.

New Ideas

Playgrounds are inherently creative environments and sometimes a school or playground owner will think of a fantastic new game or art feature that they do not have space to add without removing something else.

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