Low Pressure, Superheated, Steam Cleaning

A data sheet on our Superheated Steam cleaning services, a suitable summary for printing is available in PDF format, Superheated Steam Leaflet; Stonehealth market their machine as DOFF(TM), and conservation officers often specify DOFF cleaning as a result. we don't actually use DOFF machines (we can do if you insist) but a competitor product, but similarly the machine generates superheated, low pressure steam at around 150 degrees centigrade, that is effective at cleaning stone and brick work, and providing a weed killing / mould killing and indeed sterilising surface treatment. I

We specialise in using a low pressure sand jetting system that has been used nationwide for property restoration, including gaining approval for and subsequently working on many Listed Buildings. The system, in our trained hands, causes minimal damage to an underlying surface and is flexible enough to tackle most property restoration cleaning tasks. The low pressure sand jet can clean surfaces without injecting large quantities of water into the surface, and with minimal surface damage, at the same time, the 'damp' system also captures dirt and abrasive, preventing the health and safety risks associated with dry blasting.

That being so, there are times when using an abrasive system may be more than a substrate can cope with, and low pressure superheated steam may be the answer. It is generally slower, and less messy, and can be quite effective for surface contaminants such as algae and grime. Subsequent cleaning with the sand jet can remove stubborn stains.

Steam Cleaning Granite in Aberdeen



Concrete Cleaning

This composting plant in Yorkshire needed something to clean the concrete walls, and ideally kill algae and bacteria in the process!

Steam Cleaning of a Composting Plant Walls - East Yorkshire - before

The low pressure steam lance was used to clean the concrete walls

Steam Cleaning of a Composting Plant Walls-part way through

Close up of the Steam Lance cleaning debris off the concrete


Metal Cleaning

A Steam jet will remove paint from metal - but it isn't a fast process compared to using a sand jet or the high pressure water systems - and it depends on how 'steam proof' the paint is.

Steam lance stripping paint from a metal sample

Internal Glazed Tiles

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This was the result of a test panel inside a Leeds Fire Station- cleaning the decades of grime from the glazed surfaces.

Listed Buildings - Moss and Dirt from Granite

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This was a substantial building in the North East - a town centre location that discouraged the use of the sand jet. The Steam system cleaned the stonework effectively, although there were a couple of spots on the frontage where the steam was incapable of removing the carbon build up - and the sand jet machine was needed for a couple of hours to remove these (in comparison to the 3 weeks that the rest of the building took)

  granite cleaning with superheated steam

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Key Benefits


  • Superheated steam can be cost effective compared to other techniques
  • Gentle on Substrates, but can be slow on paint or stubborn stains!
  • Very often specified by conservation officers
  • Our machines allow variable temperature and pressures - to allow flexibility.
  • Cleaning to the requirements of BS 8221-1&2 :2000 the British Standard Code of Practice for Cleaning and Surface repair of buildings.