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Your go-to team for surface sealing treatments

Protect your surfaces from corrosion and the elements, with the help of Greenleaf Contractors Ltd. Contact our Beverley-based experts today for a competitive quote.

Surface Treatments: Welcome
Hand holding powder coating sprayer

Why treat a surface?

Whether it’s a wall, a steel structure or even a boat, you want to be sure that it will last as long as possible. Rust, wear and other types of corrosion can form over time, weakening the structure and worsening the overall appearance. A treatment – such as a primer or protective coat – helps stop or slow down this decay. Specific treatments can also help you combat graffiti, by making it much easier to remove.

At Greenleaf Contractors, we can apply a wide range of surface treatments ideal for stone, woodwork, metal and other materials. We have over 20 years’ experience, and can provide a competitively priced services throughout Beverley, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and beyond.

We are fully insured, and always happy to work at a time that suits you. We can apply coating as a standalone service, or combine it with another service, such as our restorative work.

Surface Treatments: About Us

Zinga® galvanising

Zinga® is a one-part galvanised zinc coating, designed to provide an effective protective layer for steel components. It can exceed the lifespan of hot dip zinc, and can be ‘recharged’ at any point, without the need to be blasted off. We are fully approved Zinga® applicators, and we can also galvanise surfaces on-site, saving you the need to dismantle and transport components.

Oil storage unit coated in Zinga

Priming and painting

A good quality primer can inhibit corrosion, and provides a good base for further painting. We apply high-quality primer to minimise the risk of rust or corrosion, and can add a range of paints and finishes to complete the look.

Steel I beam half coated in grey primer


Silane is a silicone-based product that’s ideal for stonework, concrete and brick. It doesn’t change the appearance of your surface, but adds an extra invisible layer of protection against the elements. We can apply a range of coatings, including ‘stay clean’, anti-graffiti, and water repellent.

Brick wall coated in Silane
Surface Treatments: Services
Sand Blasting, lots of dust

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